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Service Tech provides quality tower maintenance and on-site new tower construction services to many companies, both domestically and abroad. The Service Tech Cooling Towers team designs a cooling tower that will benefit all aspects of the end user from maintenance, to operations, to performance, and ultimately, return on investment.
Kelly Boyd
Krystyn Hobbs
Robert Keeling
Kelly Boyd
Krystyn Hobbs
M'ly Werner
Logistics Specialist
Kelly has over 25 years experience in the cooling tower industry, with engineering and field experience on many different cooling tower models. Serving not only as a field superintendent overseeing domestic and international projects, Kelly has solved many logistical, design and performance challenges.
Krystyn joined the Service Tech Cooling Towers family in the fall of 2015. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Archetectural Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. She is a key asset to the team with her ability to excel in CADD drawings and 3-D modeling. This allows any potential problem to be identified before our crews are on site.
M'ly started working for Service Tech Cooling Towers in 2017. She completed the Business Office Technology Course at Canadian Valley Technology Center in which she finished the two-year program in four months. Additionally, M'ly has 2+ years' experience with data entry, scheduling, and correspondence.
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New Towers
An initial inspection allows our factory trained personnel to diagnose the internal and external condition of the cooling towers. Our inspection includes all internal components such as the fill media, drift eliminators, distribution system, sealant condition and the collector grid. The external components will include the fans, fan motors, sump screens and other pertinent equipment.
We have a vast knowledge of the cooling tower industry and the engineering side of maintenance as well. This means making repairs to collector grids, headers, distribution systems, fans, motors, and sealant.
Like any other machinery, cooling towers are more energy and cost efficient when they are properly maintained. Not many of us would drive our cars for 100,000 miles without changing the oil, not to mention other routine maintenance involved with an automobile. The cleaning of the cooling towers we maintain is the foundation of our business passion and quality.
We understand that circumstances occasionally call for additional cooling capacity to be added to your cooling loop, or towers have deteriorated to the point they need to be replaced. Whether it is a new site or addtional equipment added, our New Tower Division is able to size, design and add new towers to your site.

Our Services for
Industrial Water Treatment
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Industrial Power and Energy
Oil and Gas
For over 75 years, Culligan has been synonymous with high quality water. Our global network, comprised of 800+ dealers and international licensees in over 90 countries, is dedicate to addressing your water-related problems. Being global and local postion us to be able to deliver customized solutions to commercial and industrial water issues that affect your business and your bottom line.
With our expansive line of technologies, including pre-treatment, membrane filtration, polishing, storage and distribution, we can customize a solution to meet your process water needs while also offering technologies that will help minimize wastewater discharge and help you meet strict EPA regulations.
Water is a valuable component in the production of energy. Energy and power companies depend on clean, quality water, to optimize cycles of concentration, reduce the amount of chemicals and energy used in boilers and cooling towers, as well as for cooling tower reuse.
With our water system discovery tool, we help our Oil and Gas customers meet high-pressure steam generator water quality requirements.
New Tower Division
A Lasting Solution
International Capabilities
The 50 year life span of our concrete tower will provide years of worry free operation. Service Tech Cooling Towers can provide your company with the knowledge, expertise, and service you have come to expect from an industry leader.
With experience in building concrete cooling towers in North and South America, and licensing technology to partners in Europe, Africa and Asia, Service Tech Cooling Towers has the logistical capability to coordinate your next international project. Experience with major customers include Potash Corp , Solvay Chemical, Copesul Brasil, Petrobras Brasil, Motorola China, GM Corp, Cargill, and Agrium.