Agrium/Nutrien STCT-2688 Concrete Cooling Tower

The STCT Tilt Panel Concrete Cooling Tower is the "Best Practice" choice for your next Cooling Tower Replacement Project or a New Field Erected Cooling Tower.
With the use of thick concrete walls and center concrete header as support, all the cooling tower internals are self supported by the perimeter structure. This virtually eliminates the need for vertical supports from the basin floor and the numerous bolted connection points that are accompanied with that style of construction.
The mechanical support is an actual Concrete Header Beam that spans the tower interior. One of the functions of the main beam is the Motor/Gear/Fan support, which allows STCT to offer a mechanical support with a greatly reduced vibration signature. A very important attribute, given that the cooling tower industry battles the problem of premature mechanical failures.

Let us discuss your next project and see if the STCT Concrete Cooling Tower is the right fit for you!